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Innovating Sustainably

We want to hear from our customers. We want to understand their needs and meet their expectations.

That’s why we give importance to sustainability considerations – environmental, social and financial – from idea generation through research and development, and integrate them into our production processes.

We see ongoing innovation for our customers as something essential,  and we’re committed to ensuring that all of our projects meet the criteria set out by the UN in the Sustainable Chemistry and Sustainable Development Goals.


Renewable energy use and CO2 reduction at Roquette Amilina

Roquette is highly focused on sustainable and dynamic measures to accelerate the global shift to low-carbon and promote a climate-resilient economy. It does so above all through continual improvement of production processes, solutions to boost energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy. Roquette Amilina is very much part of these important efforts by the group.

In Lithuania, the group gives preference to energy from renewable resources, which are readily available on the local market and competitively priced. It’s thus contributing to a sustainable increase in European energy security.

In fact European countries in recent years have reduced their reliance on high-priced imported fossil fuels and Roquette Amilina has been part of that trend. The facility currently gets all its thermal energy from a biomass-fired multi-media unit with a high energy-recovery ratio. Improvement in energy efficiency have also brought the company cost savings in the area of heat production.

Roquette Amilina is well on-track to achieve EU targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and has one of the smallest CO2 footprints in the industry. In 2015, the company managed to reduce its annualized carbon emissions per tonne of production by two-thirds compared with 2014. That lowered the amount of CO2 released to the air to a level 50 times below the industry average.

Thus Roquette Amilina is firmly committed to climate action, awareness and impact reduction.

Some of Roquette Amilina actions to reduce CO2 emissions:

  • Implementation of biomass reception and sorting stations and biomass daily silos;
  • Launch of a biomass boiler plant in November 2013;
  • Use of electricity generated with biomass and process automation;
  • Installation of engineering networks (pipelines);
  • Modern fuel handling, including installation of truck dumper, tabulators, reclaimers, condensing economizer, and thermal oil system, flue gas treatment, and outdoor engineering work;
  • Use of a stack condensing economizer;
  • Optimization of water, steam and compressed-air pipelines from biomass boilers to individual users (feed and starch plants)
  • Performance of an Environmental Impact Assessment