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Acting Sustainably

The world of today and tomorrow presents us with challenges. Some of them could lead to conflict and endanger basic human rights. These challenges can only be solved with sustainable thinking. Acting sustainably opens a window of possibilities for a more pleasant, healthy and safe work environment, and for successful dialog and fruitful cooperation with both clients and partners. This is the path we’ve chosen to follow in order to reach our goals:


An innovative and ingenious tool for smartphone

Roquette Amilina’s safety data has remained high in recent years. Starch Europe, the European Starch Industry Association, has awarded the company a number of awards for these achievements.

Such good results are achieved due to the various safety measures implemented at the Roquette Amilina site. One of those measures was a smartphone application called “Workplace Safety” launched in late 2015. The app allows any employee to anonymously report a risky situation that could potentially lead to an accident.

The location and a photo of the anomaly are recorded by the app and immediately sent to a team leader, who analyses it and arranges the necessary resources to address the situation.

This useful tool motivates all employees to show responsibility for each other’s safety and to act fast whenever a risky situation arises.