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Sourcing sustainably

We understand that the importance of responsible sourcing has increased and is growing more significant each day as pressure on the world’s resources rises. We want to guarantee a long-term, sustainable supply of high quality products and maintain strong relationships with our suppliers. To reach this goal we mapped out our journey to sustainable sourcing:

Awareness campaign on food safety in Lithuania

In order to meet recommendations concerning plant protection products, our external partners and Roquette Amilina organize a nation-wide awareness campaign on these products and their residue each year.

Good practice models are presented to the local farmers and retailers. First, they are informed about the possibilities in terms of rational use of plant protection products, then they are invited to participate in meetings with experts. The latter helps them to understand the risks arising from disinfection practices as well as to consider solutions without an impact on health.

Additionally, articles on safety linked to using various substitute products in agriculture are published in local newspapers. Lastly, brochures describing five key principles are distributed to the local communities. They describe the importance of using responsible means against parasites by choosing high-quality harmless insecticides, without forgetting to respect the instructions.

Each year Roquette Amilina searches for new ways to approach local farmers and retailers in order to inform them, educate and provide with all needed newest information about safe and healthy ways to grow and take care of their crops.