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Panevezys, Lithuania

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Starch is a knowledge-based business. Even though carbohydrates make up the majority of biomass on earth, the research dedicated to them fades in comparison with the better known classes of biopolymers, like proteins and nucleic acids. We want to bridge this knowledge gap.

In-house research and development is an essential part of our business. We strive for perfection and total customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we employ the finest minds in our R&D department and provide them with the best tools, enabling them to find comprehensive answers to the questions which our customers and process engineers face every day.

Roquette Amilina may be a young company, but from the very start we’ve had the aim of creating a vast pool of knowledge for our customers to tap into.

Challenge us with a question, and you might be surprised by the ability and dedication our answer shows.

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