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Proteins for Food and Feed

Wheat gluten is a high-grade protein with unique viscoelastic properties. Roquette Amilina vital wheat gluten products are the result of sophisticated wheat selection. Our gluten is particularly valued in the milling and baking industries.

Why choose gluten

Dry gluten regains its original characteristics when mixed with water, where it readily forms a cohesive and elastic dough that is particularly suitable for baking. Gluten’s smell and taste are almost neutral, its colour is creamy, and it has a high water- binding capacity and consistent quality.

Roquette Amilina also offers a range of soluble and insoluble fibres, each providing specific benefits in terms of their  outstanding nutritional and technological properties.

We know gluten

Roquette Amilina produces vital wheat gluten for the food and feed industry.

Wheat grain contains soluble albumens, microelements and other materials of high nutritional value. The grain also holds smaller- size B starch, which cannot be separated in its pure form. In our production process, excess water is evaporated and, after boiling, the B starch turns into syrup. This syrup is an excellent and economical raw material for the fermentation industry.

Feed of high nutritional value is obtained by mixing the syrup with dry bran followed by drying and pelletisation. Roquette Amilina produces pelletised feed with albumen content of 16 percent. It’s an ideal and full-fledged feed for horned cattle, both milk and meat yielding animals. Modern dairy farms are successfully using our feed, happy with a highly stable milk yield and lower dairy production costs.

Feed produced by Amilina is supplied to farmers and other consumers either directly or through a network of distributor.

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