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Native and modified wheat starches

Based on an extended range of raw materials – maize, waxy maize, amylomaize, wheat, potatoes, tapioca and peas – Roquette’s list of more than 300 native and modified starches is readily available throughout the world.

Pursuing a philosophy driven by sustainability and environmental objectives, Roquette’s starches are developed and manufactured using the latest technology.

Following this philosophy, we process raw starch to best target the functional properties of our clients’ applications. In this way we support innovative new formulations and excellent end-products.

Why choose starch

In addition to their nutritional and energy value as carbohydrates, starches have a great number of other useful properties.

Starches are highly versatile, and can be used as food thickeners and gelling agents.

How Roquette Amilina can help you

Native and modified wheat starches are Roquette Amilina core products. When processed they are used for a multitude of purposes.

We serve the paper and cardboard industry in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the FSU countries. Roquette Amilina customers include some of the best-in-class paper and board mills, belonging both to regional and multinational companies.

We also supply wheat starch for the food industry. In most of the countries we operate in our starch is sold to the food customers via this network of distributors.

If you want to learn more about our products, visit Roquette’s website by clicking here.