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Liquid Sugars

It’s widely used in the creation of gourmet foods by confectioners and chefs alike. This high-quality plant-based substance has been produced in Europe for over a century.

We know liquid sugars

Roquette is a leading player in the market for liquid sugars, including glucose syrups, glucose-fructose syrups, and liquid maltodextrins. Roquette Amilina contributes to the group in this area by providing glucose syrups and hydrolysates from renewable raw materials such as wheat.

A variety of manufacturing processes are used to break down starch to varying degrees and, to obtain a wide range of glucose syrups.

Depending on their individual characteristics, glucose syrups can provide texture, volume, taste, glossiness, improved stability and a longer shelf-life for the products to which it is added. Glucose syrups also prevent biscuits from drying out, keep cakes soft, prevent sugar from crystallizing in sweets and jam, and prevent water crystallization in ice cream.

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