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Janonio str. 12, LT-35101
Panevezys, Lithuania

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Delivering the value that nature designed into grain

The town of Panevezys has always been the capital of the Lithuanian and Baltic milling industry. Our  company’s roots reach back to the mid 19th century, to 1841 to be precise, when someone named B. Rubinstein set up a modern mill in the town. It was the first industrial mill in the country. That milling company developed over the years – surviving wars, nationalization and eventual privatization – into Malsena AB, the leader of the Baltic milling and pasta industry. It was Malsena AB that undertook the ambitious task of bridging the gap between milling and starch-making. The construction of a starch plant in Panevezys began in 2005 and was completed in 2007, during the same period, the milling business was mostly moved to a site in Vievis. The flour and pasta businesses are very local, while starch and gluten are very international. And by the end of 2008, the starch- making unit was capable of going it on its own. Thus, Amilina was born through a demerger as a dedicated Lithuanian starch manufacturing company. So while we have deep-rooted traditions of grain processing and milling the company itself is young and modern, with  dynamic vision for the future.

First industrial flour mill

flour milling as from 1841 (a first industrial flour mill in the region)

Grain storage increased

3kt grain silos elevator launch

2nd wheat milling mill launched

100 mt/d wheat milling flour in Janonio str. launched ("Mill No.6")

Merge of 2 flour mills

2 mills (Kranto str. + "Mill No.6")

Feed production started

launch of 150 mt/d feed production site

Merge with Pasvalys

activity of Pasvalys grain elevator grouped (cap. 25kt grain silos)

Lithuanian Independency restoration

Wheat-rye flour mill launched

250 mt/d wheat-rye flour mill start (cap. 27kt grain silos)

Privatization & "Malsena" birth

110 mt/d flour mill in Kranto str. stopped (now "Romantic" hotel), National grain processing public limited liability company privatised, renamed as "Malsena" AB

Leading flour manufacturer in the Baltics

development of bakery & FMCG (flour mixes, semolina, wheat germ and bran) production under "Malsena" brand name leading flour manufacturer in the Baltics

Leading pasta producer in the Baltics

long & short pasta production site - No. 1 in the Baltics

Starch project launched

launched a starch project, starting production of native wheat starch in 2007

Divestment of business

divestment of flour & pasta business, focusing on starch, gluten and feed production (cap. 127kt/a weat)

"Amilina" brand name start

"Malsena" re-branded to "Amilina" (Amylum=starch in Latin), Food, feed & paper industries served (cap. 152kt/a wheat)

Modification plant launched

cationized wheat starch production start (cap. 164kt/a wheat)

Partnership start with Roquette

signed a strategic partnership agreement with Roquette corporate (cap. 211kt/a wheat)

Biomass energy plant launched

double capacity expansion (cap. 242kt/a wheat)

Glucose syrups production started/"Amilina" - part of Roquette Group

produced wheat glucose syrups serve food & beverages industrial markets (cap. 291kt/a wheat) "Amilina became a part of Roquette Group

Capacity increase

Cap. 394kt/a wheat

Capacity increase

Cap. 447kt/a wheat

Capacity increase

Cap. approx. 480kt/y wheat